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hang tags

Clothing and product hang tags are an effective way to increase your brand recognition. Hang tags can be used for products like clothing, bags, home goods, and more. They are a sophisticated way to display the size and care information of your product. This is a suitable label option for brands who are looking to communicate product information and create brand recognition as they offer a larger takeaway piece than woven and printed labels.

Tickled Pink hang tag
Kiwi Industries hang tag
808 Clothing hang tag

Elements of
hang tags

  • Material - Hang tags are commonly made of paper (offered in different weights), however they can also be made from cotton, canvas, plastic, silicone, etc. 

  • Print Requirements - The shape and design of your hang tag will help determine how to showcase print on the tag. You can add printed, embossed, or foiled lettering to create a stylistic design that incorporates texture. 

  • String Type - The style of string chosen for the attachment brings the whole look together. You can choose your material, thickness, color and length to customize your hang tag. 

  • Attachment Style - The final element is the attachment to the product. Hang tags are usually secured with a grommet, eyelet or safety pin depending on the design preference.

Benefits of hang tags

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Detail Driven


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Fun & Creative

Hang Tags are a unique way to showcase the design and style of your brand. If you’re looking to add a level of creativity and personality that your customers will connect to, then hang tags are a great addition to your label selection. We’ll help you customize every element of your hang tags to create a unique label that your customers will recognize and love.

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