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Rubber Labels, also known as PVC or Silicone labels, are created using a plastic material base or silicone. Most common for outdoor industries such as, surf, skate, or automotive. These labels can be manufactured with a custom mold or 3D printed with your logo. They can also be seen on shoes or long lasting clothing like leather jackets. We recommend Silicone labels for outdoor brands looking for a durable, unique style.

crow haley surf leashes rubber label
embrace rubber label
the fire store rubber label

The Difference Between Rubber
& Silicone Labels

  • Rubber is usually harder and less flexible than silicone which has more elasticity

  • Silicone is an environmentally friendly alternative to rubber 

  • Rubber is a more cost effective material 

  • Silicone is more heat resistant, cold resistant and more UV tolerant than rubber 

Benefits of RUBBER Labels

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Long Lasting


Water Resistant

High Quality

When you’re looking for a durable, water resistant label solution, Silicone and Rubber labels are the best materials to get the job done. It is easily transferable to metals, plastics, or glass for various products to increase your brand awareness. Our label experts can help you add some dimension to the look and feel of your outdoor products with customized rubber labels.

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