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Woven Labels

The best woven labels tell the story of your brand on your product or garment. They are a great way to add a professional touch to your garments and apparel. Woven labels are the most common and versatile branding solution for clothing, hats, purses, luggage, towels, household items, and more.

club glove woven label
meadow decor woven label
doodie pack woven label

Types of
Woven Labels

  • Damask - A durable, and highly customizable label made of polyester yarn 

  • Satin - A soft, luxurious label made of satin threads, ideal for delicate garments 

  • Taffeta - An economical, fast drying label, ideal for towels, hats, etc.

Benefits of Woven Labels

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Long Lasting



High Quality

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Woven labels are a highly versatile label that can be customized depending on the function of the label for your garment or product. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes including one line of text, front only and two-sided options.

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