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Leather & PATCHES

Add a touch of sophistication to your products with the use of a leather label. Using either genuine or faux leather, this style of label is a versatile and stylish way to enhance the value of your garments. Leather labels are durable, long-lasting and can be customized with your brand’s logo or other ornate designs. Perfect for use on clothing, such as jeans, or on hand bags, luggage and other clothing accessories. 


Take your labels one step further with a customized patch that complements your garments. Both leather and suede can be cut into various shapes or dyed to a certain hue to complement your garment while also enhancing your brand identity.

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mason's leather patch
brnm woman suede patch
oyster suede and silicone patch

Ways to Print Your Design on a Leather Label

  • Emboss - Add some texture to your label with a raised pattern against the background. Choosing which parts of your logo or design you’d like raised will give your label a three dimensional appearance. 

  • Deboss - Create depth with a sunken pattern into the leather. Choosing which parts of your logo or design you’d like ingrained into the label will add a different texture and appearance. 

  • Screen Print - Keep it simple with a print only design. Using a special ink developed for leather, your logo will be printed as a one-dimensional design onto the leather label or patch.

Benefits of Leather Labels

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Fun & Creative

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There is a wide-range of ways to incorporate leather and patches onto your garments. Where luxury meets versatility is where you will find the perfect leather label or patch for your brand. We’ve helped our clients create custom leather patches, 3-D multi-material patches, hang tags and even zipper pulls using this material. Let us help you customize your first or next leather label today.

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