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Law Labels

Law labels are labels used to indicate compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards. They are required to be attached to certain products and packaging made of certain materials, such as bedding, upholstered furniture, stuffed toys, etc. Depending on regulations, the information on the label may include warnings, safety information, hazard symbols, trademarks, and certification marks. In many countries, Law Labels are mandated for attachment on products made with specific materials. They are designed to inform consumers and help them make safe and informed decisions about the products they buy. 

Law Label
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Custom Law Label

Elements of
law Labels

  • Manufacturer’s Name

  • Country of Origin

  • Materials Used

  • Care Instructions 

  • Serial Number

Benefits of Law Labels

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Having a professional who understands the details and requirements to help approve your product is a great asset to consider when choosing your label. Law Labels are required to have in the United States per the Federal Trade Commision (FTC). Our label experts can help ensure your law labels are properly designed and displayed on your products to meet all FTC requirements.

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