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printed LABELS

Next to woven labels, printed labels are the second most common style of labeling for a wide variety of garments and products. Printed labels are commonly used on garments, apparel, accessories, footwear, furniture and other products that need to display your branding and product information.

novella royale printed label
KOJO Large printed tag
relax wraps printed label

Types of
Printed Labels

  • Satin - A soft, silky label that can maintain shape and is great for clothing 

  • Cotton - A soft and durable label that provides a more organic look

  • Cotton-Poly Blend - A more upscale option from a cotton printed label that can be cut into any shape 

  • Tyvek - A paper-thin material commonly used on furniture items

Benefits of Printed Labels

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Easy to Produce

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Detail Driven

The main difference between woven labels and printed labels is the manufacturing process.

A printed label is printed rather than stitched. This is an ideal solution if you are looking for a larger label with more detail at a more competitive price.

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